Daily Espresso – Brand and identity redesign

Brand and Identity Completed for The Modern Time

Words of: Naufal Aristorahma

Reviewed by: The team at Content Empire

19 March, 2021

Creation made at Content Empire

Dailyespresso.co.uk was an independent family-run website founded in 2018 by James Cartwright and it serves them as their online home to share their passions, experience and expertise for ‘all-things-coffee’. They made this website for the UK people and people from the rest of the world to ensure you can also love and enjoy coffee at home as much as they do.

When we as a group found Daily Espresso we saw a lot of potential hidden with in it. As an expert in coffee related stuff, James wrote a lot of fascinating articles pointing out the “how to’s” and the “best of” anything coffee related. but what we can see is that he need some help with making the website easier to be found and to be consumed. And so we took that opportunity and help him improve the Daily Espresso as a website. 

My role in the development of Daily Espresso is to give the branding a polishing touch and re-designing a fitting website for the completed brand identity.

The Re-design products

Now I will show you some of the resulting products the we’ve made, and below that you will see all the re-branded brand identity defined and then combined into products that can proudly be presented to you. In this case, you will see the new website design, pinterest posts, and some illustrations for Daily Espresso that I’ve made.

Website - Homepage

Let’s dive in to the main product of Daily Espresso, the website it self. The first thing when you load into Daily Espresso you will see a “Hero Image” of a cup of coffee illustration by me and beans sprinkled around the Daily Espresso mailing box.

The placement of the mailing box at the beginning of the homepage is our effort to increase returning visitors by the way of weekly coffee newsletter and new post alert.

Barista Blogs and Knowledges Page

I’ve designed a special page for you to see our all of our latest blogs and knowledge articles written by our barista and coffee experts. I’ve also brand new article page for a better reading experience though out device sizes.

Buying Guide By Experts Page

Other than a special page for our articles, I’ve also created an easy to access coffee maker buying guides page. So you can easily see what you need and get out best recommendations.

About Us Page

Here is where we get our opportunity to let the readers know who are the people behind daily espresso and hopefully make them fell more in love with our brand with our honesty and transparency.

Defined Brand Identity

Full Logo

The logo is a tangible way to express some of the essence and characteristics of our brand (however, it will never convey or illustrate everything about us). The concept of this logo is using company name and decorating it with coffee beans, origin to any kind of coffee drinks including espresso.

logomark and Mascot

These logomark and mascot mascot can be used as to express some of the essences the main logo can provide, essentially the minimum way to represent our branding.


Color Guideline

A view Color is used as a system to build brand recognition and also create a more usable interface.

Communication Is key

Although we value an aesthetically pleasing use of colour, we place a higher value on clear communication. Colour supports the purpose of the content, communicating things like the hierarchy of information, interactive states, and the difference between distinct elements.

Colors Have Meanings​

Colors have a assigned roles, which hold a specific meaning based on how they function within the interface. The colors also can extend across any touchpoint. At Daily Espresso we want to mainly express the feeling of Sage in Pine Green and combined it with Warmness and Exclusivity through Sunkist Orange, Black & White.

Brand Colors

Web System Colors


In Daily Espresso, we use two types of fonts to fulfill the branding we’re targeting for. For the serious/informative vibe of our brand, we use Inter font with its straightforward design. and for the warm/sage vibe of our brand, we use Merriweather in the header/title parts of the website.


Typefaces: Serif.

Weight Used: 700/Bold.

Characteristics: Warmth, Exclusivity.

Used in: Title and main header.


Typefaces: San Serif.

Weight Used: 500/Medium, 700/Bold

Characteristics: Order, Familiar, Save.

Used in: Body text, Subtitle, Info text, Button text, and Link text.

Web Typography


Using the Fibonacci Sequence for spacing is going to result in a consistent and visible scaling between elements in a big display.

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