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Words of: Naufal Aristorahma
4 November, 2019

Creation made at Hipe Indonesia

Many hours of work are not utilized optimally due to ineffective communication. The Holmes Report in 2011 stated that approximately $ 37 billion was lost each year due to employee misunderstanding and poor communication. This research proves that an organization needs a solution to increase effectiveness in communication and collaboration.


Effective communication can reduce unproductive working hours by up to 50%
Riset McKinsey Global Institute


Companies with a collaborative work culture have a 5X higher chance of performing high
Riset McKinsey Global Institute


Effective communication can increase the company’s profit up to 47%
Riset McKinsey Global Institute

Manage your organization’s internal communication & collaboration with Hipe Chat​

Currently, Email and WhatsApp are communication media that are always used by internal organizations. Email is not suitable for team collaboration and coordination because it is considered too rigid. Meanwhile, WhatsApp also raises new problems in the separation between personal communication & work communication, as well as the unstructured flow of information. Now Hipe Chat is here as a communication & collaboration solution for your organization.

Hipe Chat is the company’s in-house communication and collaboration platform where meaningful and effective conversations take place. Finish any work on Hipe Chat easily and quickly.

Manage your Collaboration​

Successful Work Program, People Happy

Coordinate various work programs in progress at one time. Use topics to separate work programs, so that you can focus more on priorities. Maximize your internal productivity, provide satisfying public services.

Effective & Efficient In Internal Coordination

Discuss decision making with your chosen people and forge appropriate collaborations. Use the polling feature and save yourself time to make decisions that don’t require long discussions.

Hear the People’s Voices

Fast action, precise service. Start listening to people’s aspirations through Hipe Chat. Receive input, suggestions, and complaints in one door. Take follow-up actions without wasting time.

Further Info:

Hipe Indonesia, Bandung, Indonesia.

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