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Give Konrad's Website a Lift and a Brand New Face

Words of: Naufal Aristorahma
1 September, 2022

Website Design & Development

Re-designing and re-building eyferth.de is my second project with Konrad and this time we’re redesigning and rebuilding his more general portfolio website. Konrad has such beautiful illustrations & projects and I think his work deserves a more beautiful gallery than he has before, and so we embark on this journey to make a fitting gallery for them.

The New Theme

When it was time to come up with a theme for eyferth.de, I already had a concept crossing my mind back when I designed Konrad’s more storyboard-tailored website. I planed to make eyferth.de be the polar opposite of storyboard.graphics, While maintaining some similarities in layout, function, and general vibe.

While storyboard.graphics uses dark background, red accent color, and sharp square elements & buttons. This time we use a white background, green for the accent color instead of red, rounded buttons/CTAs, and also rounding up all of the other elements.

Thankfully, Konrad seems to like the idea and I start making multiple possible homepage design for it. Below you would see the final design we’ve agreed upon.


The most critical point of anyone’s website. The first opportunity to leave an impression of Konrad and Konrad’s work on everyone. Since this website is more of a generalized illustration portfolio website, I decided to make these big pill-like image frames and words to catch people’s attention and tease Konrad’s illustration capability.

Here you will also get fast access to a downloadable pdf version of Konrad’s portfolio, a button directing you to his other more specialized storyboarding website, and a row of art styles that he wants to showcase as a curated gallery.

And when you scroll down the page, there will be this huge button that we like to call “SillyAmazing Buttons” to emphasize more of the curated galleries that Konrad has prepared.


Small curated galleries showcasing Konrad’s vast illustration skills for many purposes. As you can see from the menu, there are 8 categories that Konrad made, so there are also 8 galleries with different content curated by Konrad himself.


Since it’s his domain and his portfolio, of course, I provided him with a page so that he can express himself via words.

Other than the profile page. I also created other pages showing his achievements, work experiences, clients & publisher names that he has worked with/for, and his contacts of course.

Moving Clients

Abguss-Sammlung Charlottenburg ABZ Pharma Adidas AgentZoo Denmark Aktion Mensch AKA Piktura Aktion Sorgenkind Alfa Romeo Allegra ALDI Nord ALDI Sued Ambulance Film ANY Agentur Anorak Film AMG Amica Amiratis Puratis Lintas Anorak Film AOK Apollinaris Apollo/Germany / Apollo Pearle Austria Appollinaris Aqua Vitasnella Arcor Armadafilms Tschechien Art operations Art& Image Ärztekammer Berlin Asteres Astronaut Film Ariel Filmprod.Athen Atelier Hand-Werk Audi (div.) Axe (div.) Bacon Pictures Denmark Bad Heilbronner Bakery films Baldiparan BamS Bandits Production France Baron Von BBDO Barterl Brömmel Struck Bayleys FC Bayern München AG Bears Calling Filmproduktion Bebé Cosmetics Benz BEKO Big Fish Filmprod. Big Productions France Bildungsverlag eins Biolectra Blaupunkt blm Filmproduktion Block House bm8 Filmprod. BMW – diverse Bonaparte Prod. BWGTBILD Prod. 1&1 2bild Filmprod. 2Films Zürich BP Brand A Braun Brinkhoff Bronchikum Buchholz-Hinsch-Hensinger Bundesregierung Burger King Büro für Kommunikation C&A Canal Satellite Canon Capital One Credit cards Carlsberg Cartoon, Project&Event Caspari Film César C&A Chappi Chevalla Chio Chevrolet Clear Christ Chunk Film CHRYSLER Cinemagica Chile Crhist Juweliere Citroên (div.) ClauseckerBingel_Ereignisse Agentur Cobblestone CocaColaComp. Colbatzky und Partner Columbia Pictures Commerzbank Conrad Burnett Continental Congstar Coors Beer Corny Credit suisse Culture Beat D2 Vodaphone Daddy GmbH Daimler DDB Agentur DEA DB Deutsche Bahn DJI (Drohnen) Delta Cast Der Kalenderverlag Der Wolf Detterbeck Deutsche Bank Deutscher Wald (Museumsträger) Deutsches Rotes Kreuz Deutschlandradio Dextro Energen DFL Bundesliga Diadermine DJIGmbH Die Malermeister Diesterweg Verlag Dimples Disky Niederlande Disney Channel DM Film DMB&B DMC Dog Ear Films Doity Film Dolormin Douglas Dormakaba Dräger Dresdner Bank Dt. Allgemeine Dürr + Kessler Verlag

And the last but not least. Behold, a Moving clients name! This feature was requested by Konrad to put on the homepage. This feature was meant to subtly show off the client names that he has been working with/for and he’s absolutely able to pull this feature with the number of clients that he has worked with. And the above names only show 1/4 of the clients that he has worked with.

UI Kit

Buttons and UI stuff!

Further Info:

Client’s Testimony:

“A good designer ( like Naufal ) who also can program is pure Gold!  It was an absolute joy to have him design my websites. Naufal enhanced my suggestions. He invested a lot of effort and thought into all elements, found a solution to my wishes, and translated them into his clear style. Communication around the globe did not prove to be an issue, since Naufal seems not to need much sleep and responded and delivered swiftly for a fair price. Many thanks.”
– Konrad, Berlin Germany. 

Konrad Eyferth’s Storyboard Website – Website design and development

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