Music App Design Challenge - UI/UX design challenge and my problem solving approach

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Words of: Naufal Aristorahma
27 February, 2021

Freelance Work

Nowadays visiting a historic museum in Indonesia has been considered an ancient, old school, and not contemporary activity by the teenagers. They would prefer to visit cafes, malls, or places that are currently popular. Other than the teenagers, adults also start to see most of the national museum in Indonesia no longer seems educative or interactive and feels old compared to the new private ones.

Most historical museums in Indonesia are struggling to gain or even maintain consistent visitors and are under pressure to not get swept by the newer and more popular attractions. The scholars are the only ones that still have the need for historical museums for an easy way to collect historical information and historical collections info, but that is still not enough to keep historical museums to stay afloat.

Our solution

By providing the general masses with an easy to navigate app that can provide the museum’s operational schedule, articles, updates, news,  and social media activities.

To gain intrigue to the general masses, we would actively update (in this case Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin Museum’s social media) with interesting & interactive content with quizzes, challenges, events, museum webinars, etc.

This app is also designed to enable the user to engage in virtual tours with AR technology.

And if the virtual tour is not enough, this app also provides users to easily buy e-tickets directly in the app that can be used as the real live museum entrance pass.

Get the latest museum news and related news.

Experience the museum in the convert of your home.

Read various museum collections anywhere and anytime.
The fastest and easiest way to book your visit.

Further Info:

Museum Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Application Development Proeject

Sri Soedewi, S.Sn., M.Sn and Teams

Music App Design Challenge – UI/UX Challenge and my approach to problem solving
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