Music App Design Challenge - UI/UX design challenge and my problem solving approach

Music With Niche Social Community Platform

Words of: Naufal Aristorahma
16 November, 2020

UI/UX Design Challage

UI/UX Challenge:

Every people has their own unique music taste, and they’d love to share their interests with people who share the same taste. But they find it hard to find one, especially for people with niche genres.

Designing a solution (in a form of a mobile app: iOS or Android) which can help them better at finding friends with similar music tastes.

My Solution

Creating a platform that can provide music lovers with a place that can stream, share, and discuss music with a robust community based on what they love. Whether it is a favourite artist, genre, or a mix of both can be discussed by old fans or newcomers.


On this page, you can see your recently played music, album, artist, and also recommendations that match your music taste.


This is what it looks like joining a broadcast, In here you can chat and interact with the broadcaster and listener, live while listening to the same music.

Community (Clip Tab)

Here you can share your favorite music clips with comments, you can also see, interact, and comment on other clips from users and artists you followed.

Community (Community Tab)

On this page, you can search and see community recommendations based on your music taste. You can also see your followed community for easy access to the community page.


Here, you can see your liked songs, albums, followed artists, playlists, and posted clips. here you can also direct message your followings and mutuals.

UI Kit

Buttons and UI stuff!

Further Info:

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