Netify – Ne2rks product brand identity design​

Devine and create Ne2rks' latest product identity with colors and shapes

Words of: Naufal Aristorahma
16 September, 2020

Brand Identity Commission

The Netify logo was designed with the brand value in mind raised by the Ne2rks group, which includes Modern, Simple, and Fast feeling to it. By basing the logo design on predetermined brand value, I come up with a logo that resembles the letter N from the front latter of Netify and is rendered with a line art style that can symbolize Modernity and Simplicity. Other than that, the use of gradient as a logo color can give an effect of movement and direction to an image that can also symbolize Fast.

Logo + Tagline



Icon Keyline Grid
The standard keyline grid is used to get a balanced logo result when applied to an app icon or other graphic scenario. Here the logo is 10px thick inside a 192 x 192 px grid with a 10px grid.
Icon Keyline Grid
Icon Keyline Grid


Family: Bitter
Weight: Semi Bold
Size: 128px
Letter Spacing for “fy”: 5%
Line Hight = Logo Hight
Align : Middle

Color Used

Logo Spacing

Minimum Space Full Logo.



Client’s Testimony:

“The logo looks awesome and fits too what we need. Naufal is very helpful in the logo designing process, especially for us who are very new to design.”
– Dirgantoro of Ne2rks

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