Reptile Guide – Brand and identity redesign

A Much Needed Reptile Guide Brand and Identity Refresh

Words of: M Naufal Aristorahma

Reviewed by: The teams of Content Empire

29 March, 2022

Creation made at Content Empire

“Reptile Ruide is an educational source on reptiles backed by experienced herpetologists. With hundreds of articles on everything pertaining to lizards, turtles, and snakes, our experienced team provides reliable and accurate content you can trust…” – Reptile Guide’s about section.

Although I agree the quality of articles produced by reptile guide is amazing, unfortunately in my eyes it has a pretty outdated web design, how the color is used, its logo, and general branding. that’s why I’m taking this endeavor to refresh Reptile Guide’s branding and its homepage design.

So below is the new re-branding and brand identity I came up with. but first, i have to show you the established brand overview to make the new re-branded identity made sense.

Brand Overview

Brand Identity

Full Logo

The logo is a tangible way to express some of the essence and characteristics of our brand (however, it will never convey or illustrate everything about us). The concept of this logo comes from the company name itself, a combination of a reptile illustration (chameleon) with magnifying glasses to symbolize “Guide”. With a logotype bearing a font that fits the general vibe of the brand.

logomark and Mascot

These logomark and mascot mascot can be used as to express some of the essences the main logo can provide, essentially the minimum way to represent our branding.



Color Guideline

A view Color is used as a system to build brand recognition and also create a more usable interface.

Communication Is key

Although we value an aesthetically pleasing use of color, we place a higher value on clear communication. Color supports the purpose of the content, communicating things like the hierarchy of information, interactive states, and the difference between distinct elements.

Colors Have Meanings​

Colors have assigned roles, which hold a specific meaning based on how they function within the interface. They also extend the color system so it works across any touchpoint. At Reptile Guide we want to express the feeling of Knowlage/Sage and Jungly-vibe through the Mossy Green in the luminosity and saturation.

Brand Colors

Web System Colors


In Reptyle Guide, we use two types of fonts to fulfil the branding we’re targeting for. For the serious part of our brand, we use Inter font with its straightforward design. and Londrina Solid font to our headings to give the right amount of cooky fun vibe.

Londrina Solid

Typefaces: Sans Serif.

Weight Used: 900/Black.

Characteristics: Safari, Jester, Unique.

Used in: Title and main header.


Typefaces: San Serif.

Weight Used: 400/Normal, 700/Bold

Characteristics: Order, Familiar, Save.

Used in: Subtitle, Body text, Info text, Button text, and ink text.

Web Typography


Using the Fibonacci Sequence for spacing is going to result in a consistent and visible scaling between elements in a big display.

Re-design product / Homepage

All the re-branded brand identity is established and defined, combined into a product that can proudly be presented to the readers. In this case, I’ll show you the re-design homepage I made in Figma.

In this design, the first thing when you load into Reptile Guide in this design, you will see our mascot and mailing box to increase the conversion of the new viewers into long-term viewers via letterbox subscription.

Highlighted Contents

This part of the homepage section will show you our most popular species categories and editor’s picks, to easily show you our best quality and performing articles and posts.


In this part of the homepage section will show our lates posts and articles posted in the website.

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