Roomy Air – App designing and problem solving thesis​

A Smart Indoor Outdoor Pollution App Tracker​​

Words of: Naufal Aristorahma
3 March, 2020

UI/UX Design Challage

Roomy Air is a product that I design for my final thesis project. It’s an application design for checking and monitoring air quality around and inside your home. Not only that, but it also provides you with indoor air quality visualization, “how-to” in handling air pollution, a handful of articles about air quality, a dedicated store to improve air quality, and it can also give you tips in handling air pollution depending on your situation.

Visualize Your Room Air Quality

Room Feature

Provides you with indoor air quality visualization depending on your situation. On this page, you can edit your room and mimic the layout of windows, doors, and furniture in your actual living space. This would result in a more accurate visualization of the air quality in your living space.


This page provides you with curated articles for you by us about the health importance and general knowledge of clean air, news about regional pollution, air pollution prevention info, and anything related to healthy living.

Air Room Shop

This is a store specially curated for you to improve your health and the quality of your life by suggesting items that have been proven to improve the air quality in your living space.


Here you can find your current and past activity, your shipment, and our actionable suggestions for handling air pollution. You can revisit your past or new notification as you wish.


In your profile, other than your usual profile dan personal data you can also see your point and adjust notification scheduling to fit your daily activity best.

UI Kit

Buttons and UI stuff!

Roomy Air’s future

Not everything went as planned. There have been some unforeseen flaws in this project, I would guess it is because the thesis itself is mainly focused on how the product concept, branding approach, and UI fits to solve the subject that I’m trying to tackle. Before doing usability testing, I see the store feature as an essential part of roomy air as a product. But after doing a little research there’s been some insight that the store feature may not be that crucial, some comments also point out how the article feature is hard to come by and hidden from the user, they also said that it could be more fleshed out and replace the store with article feature instead.

Roomy Air – 2019

The First Air Concept. Fundamentally there’s no difference in functionality and its features from the 2020 version, but it still has some inconsistency, a “still in exploration stage” feel, with a less polished User Interface, User Experience, and the features are not fully explored. Here I want to show some of Roomy Air’s design in its beginning stages and how it looks at the beginning of my UI Design journey.

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